General rental terms and conditions

When you make a booking, you automatically agree on the following rental terms and conditions. Therefore, thank you for reading them thoroughly before making the booking.

  1. Booking and payment

    Only the bookings made via email or by telephone are valid. All bookings imply the respect of the general rental terms and conditions. The renter is severally liable for the general rental terms and conditions.

    1. The bookings will be confirmed with a «booking confirmation » via email.
    2. 30% of the total amount needs to be transferred within the 5 following days after the booking has been made.
    3. The rest of the amount needs to be transferred at least 4 weeks before the start of the rental period.
    4. If the booking is made less than 4 weeks before the rental period, the total amount needs to be transferred immediately.
    5. If the payment hasn’t been done in time, the owner is allowed to cancel the booking.
  2. Cancellation

    1. Time for reflexion

      1. Every booking can be cancelled within 5 days, starting with the booking date, after the booking has been made. This can be done via email or by telephone.
      2. If a cancellation is made 5 days after the booking date, the cancellation conditions are valid.
      3. A time for reflexion is not valid if the booking has been made less than 8 weeks before the rental period. In that case, the cancellation conditions stay valid.
    2. Cancellation by the renter

      1. Cancellation can be done by telephone or by email.A confirmation of that cancellation will be sent via email.
      2. If the cancellation is made from the 28th day (4 weeks) before the rental period, the cancellation fee will be 60% of the total amount.
      3. If the cancellation is made between the 28th day (4 weeks) and 3 days before the rental period, the cancellation fee will be 90% of the total amount.
      4. If the cancellation is made 2 days or less before the rental period, 100% of the total amount will be charged.
    3. Cancellation by the owner

      1. If the owner needs to cancel the rental period, he will warn the renter as soon as possible and the amount which has already been transferred by the renter will be transferred over again. The owner is not allowed to keep the amount which has already been paid by the renter.
  3. Liabilities

    1. Liabilities of the renter

      1. We kindly ask you to respect the vacation house as well as its surroundings.
      2. L’abri côtier will be used by the renter, co-renters and its visitors. This will be done while taking into account the quietness of its surroundings.
      3. The renter will be responsible for damages caused by himself, the co-renters or pets.
      4. If any damages are being determined after the renter’s departure, he will have to accept the owner’s decision.
      5. The renter has to be careful not to cause any noise disturbance at night Thank you for not moving any furniture. Even if this is being done carefully, it can cause damages to the walls or to the furniture itself.
      6. It is strictly forbidden to light fire in the garden.
      7. L’abri côtier is a non-smoking vacation house.
    2. Liabilities of the owner

      1. In case of loss, theft, damage or injury, the owner will take no responsibilities at all.
      2. The price given of the website is informative and not binding.
      3. The owner is not responsible for damages caused by house-breaking, natural causes, a natural disaster, a nuclear disaster, violence, an attempt nor the contact with an aircraft or parts of an aircraft.
      4. The owner or his representative is not present. On the confirmation email, the contact number is shown. If necessary, this number can be called.
      5. On every booking and agreements that are made regarding the rental of the vacation house, the French law is applicable. All kinds of disagreements or conflicts will be handled by the court of the local department.
  4. Maximum number of residents

    1. Maximum 4 people are allowed to sleep in the vacation house, including guests. This number cannot be exceeded.
    2. If this number is exceeded, the rental contract will be considered as dissolved and the access will be denied without the right of obtaining the rental amount back.
    3. A child less than 2,5 years old isn’t considered an adult.
    4. If the allowed number of people is exceeded, the fire insurance will not be covering any damages.
  5. Pets

    Pets are allowed after a telephone consultation between the renter and the owner on following terms:

    1. The renter never leaves his pet alone in the vacation house without using a cage. This to prevent possible damages.
    2. The renter provides sleeping equipment as well as food for the pet.
    3. The pets are not allowed to use the beds, sofas nor the shower in the vacation house.
    4. Thank you for drying off your pet after a walk and before entering the vacation house.
    5. When the rental period is over, thank you for paying attention that no animal hair is still present in the vacation house.
    6. All animal excrements have to be removed from the garden as well as from the environment as the law provides it to.
    7. If those conditions aren’t being respected, the deposit will be kept by the owner.
    8. If the pet caused any damages in the vacation house or its garden, the deposit will also be kept by the owner.
  6. At the end of your stay

    1. Cleaning

      1. Thank you for leaving the vacation house in good condition. This implies that everything needs to be put back, garbage needs to be emptied, the kitchen has to be clean, clean dishes need to be put back in their right closets. Thank you for using the broom even if an extra cleaning is included.
      2. If the vacation house or the garden is left in a bad condition, more cleaning hours will be needed than originally planned and therefore an amount of €25 will be taken into account.
    2. Cleaning by the renter

      1. If the renter is responsible for cleaning the vacation house and this hasn’t been done (properly), the owner will take into account the amount of a cleaning session.
    3. Leaving the vacation house

      1. When leaving the vacation house, thank you for locking all the doors and windows and to turn off the radiator thermostat.
  7. Garbage

    1. The garbage needs to be sorted:
      • BROWN lidded bin: residual waste + corrugated cardboard.
      • YELLOW lidded bin: All recyclable waste + paper and non-corrugated cardboard.
    2. Glass waste needs to be sorted in the glass waste collection point.
    3. If (glass) waste needs to be sorted during the cleaning hours, an extra amount of € 50 will be demanded.
    4. The BROWN lidded bin is picked up every Monday morning early. The renter will place the brown bin on the road in order for it to be picked up on Sunday evening.
    5. The YELLOW lidded bin is picked up every other Thursday. The renter will place the bin on the road in order for it to be picked up if wanted.
    6. After the waste has been picked up, the renter will place the bin on its right place again.
  8. Bedding

    1. The renter can rent bedding. The prices are listed on the price list.
    2. The renter is allowed to use his own bedding.
    3. If the beds are slept on without using bedding, the owner is allowed to take the price of the bedding into account as listed on the price list.
    4. Thank you for using sheets to cover the mattress if you are using a sleeping bag.
  9. Arrival and departure

    1. Thank you for respecting the arrival and departure times. Just as you, we like to arrive at a vacation house which is clean and neat. Therefore, you need some time between the departure and the arrival of new guests to clean the vacation house and to make sure everything is perfect.
    2. Arrival : The vacation house is available from 4pm on the day of arrival.
    3. Departure : At 11am the latest on the departure day, all guests need to leave the vacation house.
  10. Deposit

    1. The vacation house has some valuable items. The deposit covers all costs in case of damage.
    2. The deposit is the same amount as the rental amount. This deposit needs to be handed over before handing over the keys. This can be done by transfer, by check or cash.
    3. The vacation house will be checked during the cleaning of the house. The ideal moment to check whether any damages have been made.
    4. At the end of your stay, the vacation house needs to be swept and the bins need to be emptied.
    5. If the vacation house is left without any damages, the deposit will be transferred over again to the renter within 2 weeks.
    6. If any damages have been made, thank you for notifying the owner immediately in order to find a satisfying compromise.
    7. If anything has been broken, thank you for keeping all the pieces in order to avoid all kinds of misunderstandings.
    8. If the renter notes any kinds of damage when arriving at the vacation house, thank you for notifying the owner as soon as possible

We wish you a very pleasant stay.